About Us

CARBON makes up the artist, the rebel, and the visionary.

Spearheaded by Manila-based designers, Gerard and Sheila, CARBON began as a passion project to celebrate the Creative Individual. Each piece puts emphasis on the creative process, human fears and triumphs, street subculture, and anything in between. 


People would often ask us “Why CARBON?”

Back then you’d probably get a rehearsed answer along the lines of: “Carbon is the building block of life; it symbolizes the many lifeforms art can take.” Yet throughout our journey over the years, we found the definition constantly evolving.

Today, Carbon is about change

We were never really the type to stay in one place; under one authority, under strict rules. Our creativity thrives on spontaneity and space. Carbon gives us the opportunity to deconstruct and recreate—not only ourselves, but our brand.

Thank you for changing with us.

Taken during our first Pursuit Fair in 2019.